Outsource IT / DX Professional Talent Resources for your IT Project

KAZOKKU is a provider of professional IT/DX specialist/engineer resource services in Indonesia, with extensive experience in the technology industry. We are dedicated to boosting the productivity of your IT projects by supplying top-tier IT/DX experts, including Software Engineers, Project Managers, Quality Assurance professionals, UI/UX Designers, and more. Our solutions are offered flexibly to meet the unique needs of your business.

Outsource Tenaga IT Profesional untuk Proyek IT Anda

Clients Benefiting from KAZOKKU's IT/DX Specialist Outsourcing Service Testimonies

IT/DX Specialist / Engineer Resource Outsourcing
Service in Indonesia

KAZOKKU is a trusted provider of IT Professional Talent Resource outsourcing services, catering to various companies in the Software house, IT Consulting firm, Startup companies, and other sectors. With extensive experience in this industry, KAZOKKU stands as the best IT outsourcing vendor to meet your company's specialized IT needs.

Please let us know what IT/DX Specialist / Engineer
Resources you require

For your information, we are unable at present, to provide resources for positions such as IT Support, IT Help-desk, Contact Center Operator, etc. Our specialization lies in providing experts such as IT/DX Specialists, Software Engineers, Cloud Server Specialists, or Project Managers.

Consult with KAZOKKU for Effective IT Talent Resources

With IT Talent Resource Outsourcing service,
KAZOKKU will assist client companies in fulfilling their IT Professional Resource needs.

  • KAZOKKU manages all administrations and contract matter with the IT talents.
  • Delegation of the tasks is directly managed by the client company.
  • Payroll and Taxation are managed by KAZOKKU.
  • IT professionals work on client projects for the duration of the contract.

IT/DX Talent Resource Outsourcing Solution by KAZOKKU

Overcome the challenge of sourcing and contracting the necessary IT/DX talents for your project in a timely manner with KAZOKKU's professional IT staffing outsourcing solution. We provide flexible, effective, and efficient IT staffing that aligns with the qualifications required by your company.

Tersedia kontrak jangka pendek 3 bulan
Flexible Contract Terms

Flexible contract terms are available, starting from 3 months. Tailor the contract to your needs.

Dikirimkan dengan cepat dalam 7 hari
Swift Resource Provision

Sent the suitable IT talents swiftly within days. Our fastest track record for outsourcing workforce is just 7 working days.

Harga yang wajar dan menarik untuk Klien & Pekerja Profesional
Free Replacement

We will provide a replacement if the IT Talent we supply is not suitable or encounters issues.

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Aplikasi HRIS

HRIS Application

KAZOKKU's HRIS application can generate Timesheet Reports, which are useful for accurately calculating the work hours or time spent by outsourced IT personnel on a project. This allows you to focus on more crucial business strategies. See more about HRIS App

Visit HRIS Service Page

Aplikasi HRIS

Web Security Service

KAZOKKU can assist IT Developer Companies in diagnosing and reporting any vulnerabilities that may threaten the security of your website or applications. This service will be conducted by a certified CEH Security specialists.

Visit Web Security Service Page

The Advantages of IT Outsourcing by KAZOKKU

Advantages of IT Professional Resource Outsourcing Services by KAZOKKU Compared to Similar Service Providers

Free Consultation
Free Consultation

You can consult with our team before committing to a partnership. With the assistance of KAZOKKU's IT team, we can even provide advice on a technical level.

Short-Term Contracts Available
Short-Term Contracts Available

IT Outsourcing collaborations can be done on a short-term basis, starting from 3 months or according to your specific needs.

Replacement Guarantee
Replacement Guarantee

KAZOKKU will assist in finding a replacement IT workforce at no additional cost (free of charge).

Fast Process
Fast Process

KAZOKKU can promptly provide outsourced IT professionals once the IT Outsourcing Service agreement is reached. Within 3 working days, you will receive multiple pre-selected candidate profiles.

Flexible Recruitment Process
Flexible Recruitment Process

KAZOKKU can handle the entire recruitment process on your behalf. However, you also have the option to be involved in the process, such as conducting interviews or technical assessments.

Affordable Cost
Affordable Cost

You need not worry about your budget as KAZOKKU's service fees can be adjusted to fit your budget. The agreed-upon budget for each outsourced IT professional already includes allowances, taxes, health insurance, etc.

IT Services Not Provided by KAZOKKU

As a professional IT outsourcing provider in Indonesia, KAZOKKU's primary focus is to provide IT Staff Augmentation services by delivering professional IT resources to assist with your digital project needs. We also offer a variety of other solutions and services to help both IT and non-IT companies grow their businesses. Therefore, we offer a wide range of solutions and services beyond those listed below.

Penyediaan Tenaga AlihDaya di Luar Pengembangan Software
Provision of IT Staff Augmentation beyond Software Development

We are unable to fulfill requests for IT Outsourcing outside of software development, such as IT Support, IT Helpdesk, or Network Engineer.

Layanan Pengembangan Website atau Aplikasi
Website or Application Development Services

We are unable to provide website or mobile application development services, but we can assist in finding skilled IT professionals for your project. If you are looking for website development services, LOGIQUE is the company you need.

What They Say About KAZOKKU

CEO at Kara Digital
"The IT resources provided by KAZOKKU have greatly helped my team to speed up application development, and its services are tailored to our needs because contracts can be as short as 3 months."
Project & Digital Marketing Head at Clozette Group
"KAZOKKU has been very helpful in completing our time-critical projects. The process of providing IT talent to onboarding is fast, and the pricing is very competitive."
Project Manager at ITC Auto Multi Finance
"For me, KAZOKKU is one of the best IT outsourcing partners. The recruitment process is fast and the recommended IT professionals are very good, helping our projects run smoothly and achieve satisfactory results."
Senior Lead Developer at Al-Izhar
"KAZOKKU is a reliable and trustworthy working partner. With the professional software engineering provided by KAZOKKU, the maintenance and development process of Al-Izhar Pondok Labu's applications can run smoothly."
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If you encounter challenges in finding professional IT resources for IT projects, KAZOKKU can provide IT talent to assist with projects or IT operations in your company. Feel free to contact us for consultation.

Share your IT outsourcing service needs with KAZOKKU

If you are experiencing the following issues, then KAZOKKU's IT Professional Talent Outsourcing service is the right solution to address them:

  • Need for increased IT resources to overcome project delays.
  • Requirement for IT specialists with specific skill sets for short-term needs.
  • Conducting evaluation and assessment of IT/DX professionals for a certain period before hiring them permanently.
  • Need to recruit IT talents but lacking capacity for recruitment, management, and training of IT personnel..
  • Complex and slow internal procedures hindering IT staff fulfillment.
  • Shortage of IT personnel to promptly start software development projects.
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