Technical Leader


  • Design technological architecture for scalable applications
  • Working closely with Engineering team to build technical and solution needed
  • Plan and coordinate with team members to achieve successful delivery
  • Provide technical documentation and keep it up-to-date to help team achieve their objectives
  • Build team culture of collaborating and high performance
  • Mentor and coach team members through code reviews
  • Provide the team with an action plan to implement software engineering practices and improve code quality
  • Keep up with latest technology and industry best practices and adapting them


  • Has extensive experience as a software engineer or tech lead
  • Experience in leading a team with 3+ members is preferable
  • Worked in agile environment and has good grasp of agile cadence
  • Experience in backend development, frontend development or mobile development
  • Capability to break down problems into executable chunks and coordinating multiple engineers to deliver a solution.
  • Capability to adopt, produce, and encourage architecture and software designs
  • Good knowledge about application security, code quality, and design patterns

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